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Saturday, ​​​​​​​January 23, 2016 
at ​10:00 a.m. live from ​the
Pro Business ​Channel Studio
in ​Buckhead.

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We are constantly looking for Young Entrepreneurs who are launching or expanding their businesses. We would like to welcome you as a guest on our radio show and talk business! Click here to connect.

Global Entrepreneurs

Learn more about the global market, gather information about Young Entrepreneurs around the world, and learn more about how your future competitors are preparing for the international markets.

Kids Business Radio Show

business Radio for young entrepreneurs

Kids Business Expo

Kids Business Expo is the annual event for Young Entrepreneurs to learn about business and start-up opportunities. Network with your peers, participate in workshops, and present your business at the next business expo. Click here to learn more.

You can now listen to all eight episodes of Kids Business Radio on Soundcloud. This is just one more way that we will be able to share the stories of our guests, entrepreneurship, and education with listeners all around the world. Click on the logo to listen to the episodes.
Reach listeners all across the Metro Atlanta area and in your markets. Connect with us to discuss your specific sponsorship opportunities. Click on the logo to connect with us.

Kids Business

Radio Show

September 2015

Your Radio Show Hosts 

LIVE from

Kids Business Expo 2015

Trade Show Radio Broadcasts LIVE from ​​Kids Business Expo 2015 at the Cobb Galleria Centre.

Kaylin Ebener, Co-host of Kids Business Radio. You will hear her on occasions and when time permits. 

Dirk Ebener, Founder of Kids Business Expo and CEO of Global CIF lauched Kids Business Radio in 2015. 

Our goal is simple: To create a radio show that will introduce Young Entrepreneurs, their business and vision, to a broad audience of other entrepreneurs, parents, adults, educators, and the business community. 


We decided to start Kids Business Radio after the successful launch of Kids Business Expo in February 2015. Our next step is now to keep attendees and exhibitors involved, create awareness in the business community, and support the vision of Young Entrepreneurs to become successful business leaders.

Welcome to the Kids Business Radio Shows!

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